Achieve your next Sales Target in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Collaborate with your team to set Sales Targets at Account Level

Sales targets can not be set in isolation by management. They need to be set by sales executives who are closest to the customers. You should provide tools to help Sales executives set realistic targets. One of the key aspect in setting sales targets is to know historical sales information. 360 Customer Connect delivers holistic 360 view that provides user friendly views like Historical sales graphs within any CRM system. Successful companies use historical data to set targets at account level, but then allow Sales Executives to make adjustments. Using 360 customer connect, this process can be setup in seamless manner.

Step 2: Monitor Target Vs Actual revenues

Once the targets have been set, management needs way to monitor actual revenue met vs targets that were set. 360 customer connect provides dashboards to see this information in easy to use reports. This will help identify where you stand today with respect to goals that have been set.

Step 3: Focus on accounts with largest deficit between Target and Actuals

Successful managers help their sales executives achieve goals by helping them in sales activities related to key account opportunities. 360 customer connect provides tools to identify these accounts and help managers with focusing their energies.

This 3 easy steps can help most organization achieve their sales targets. To see how we can help click here to SEE HOW 360 CUSTOMER CONNECT CAN HELP