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360 Customer Connect is cloud based reporting and sales intelligence platform helping businesses grow by enabling your sales team with right resources to make significant impact in your sales process. We were founded by experts who have spent over 10+ years in enterprise software and solution selling, and felt the need of solution such as 360 Customer connect.

It’s proven to be far easier to cross-sell and up-sell with your existing customers then trying to sign very large deal with brand new customer. But in order to land large sales deal, the foundation is good customer relationship. Most companies are operated by teams working in silos, leading to lack of centralized repository of information. At 360 Customer connect, our goal is to provide your sales team most up to date and accurate information to help them build great client relationships.

Our cloud-based platform provides secure means of storing all internal and external information, link it to salesforce accounts data and make it available to sales teams in easy to understand manner. Our experienced team of data scientists and software developers are committed to compiling and publishing the most accurate information available to help your business grow.

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